Maurya Indian Cuisine

First of all, I really like curry. Like….I LOVE curry. There’s something about its distinct taste and spiciness that really gives it the ‘kick’ that I absolutely adore. If you also enjoy eating traditional Indian food, then Maurya is for you!

Location: 1643 West Broadway  Vancouver, BC V6J 1W9

Telephone: 604-742-0622

Price: $$

Maurya is an upscale indian restaurant located on Broadway. My boyfriend and I decided to go there since we wanted to have something other than the typical chinese/japanese/korean/western food. So I suggested to try Indian cuisine here.

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4/5

I think that this restaurant is beautiful! Their ceiling is quite high, and their windows are adorned with lovely curtains. Did I mention about the gorgeous centre piece placed in the middle of the spacious restaurant?

Part of the broad and elegant dining area

I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the waitresses and hostesses were very attentive. They had these beautiful pitchers made of copper and I almost wanted to ask them if I can buy one from them :p !

Okay now, here’s the important part….THE FOOD.

Food: 4/5

Nice and crispy!

After we ordered, we were served with papadum (thin and cracker-like). We didn’t order this but they serve this to anyone as an appetizer. The papadum was served with mango chutney, mint sauce, and I don’t know what the brown sauce is but it tastes sweet and tangy. Overall, the fennel seeds on the papadum gave it a nice hint of flavour and the dips that it was served with was reallyd delicious; my favourite being the mango chutney and the mysterious brown sauce.

We had vegetable samosas to start us off and it was served with a fresh beet salad on the side. It also had the brown sauce, same as the one with the papadum, served with it. In general it wasn’t anything special. It was pretty hot when it was served and it was not super flavourful. Just samosas. Not that they weren’t good but it wasn’t a ‘WOW’ factor for me.

I had the Kalonji Chicken Curry and ordered it mild. When it came, the first thing I noticed was that the jasmine rice was very fragrant! The curry came with daal (a traditional lentil stew), rice, and beet salad. The spiciness was just right for me, wasn’t too spicy, but it wasn’t so mild as to lose its entire ‘kick’ of spiciness. The chicken wasn’t dry and the curry was great! I really like the daal as well as this is the first time I’ve ate daal. It has almost a yoghurt-y feel to it as it was very thick. Daal also has a very nutty taste.

My boyfriend had the lamb rogenjosh and personally I don’t like this dish because of the lamb. I think lamb has a very strong smell and taste and for some reason, it doesn’t appeal to me. He said it wasn’t too spicy and the lamb was tender. I can’t really describe this dish too much as I rarely tried any because of the lamb. But at least my boyfriend enjoyed it :)

Our Entrees came with naan bread as well! MY FAVOURITE!!

And I gotta admit, these were pretty dang good. I even asked to pack the leftover naan bread home because they were so yummy. The naan was served warm and it was so soft! The naan had a very nice ‘oven baked’ taste as well— you’ll understand when you try this haha.

We were going to order dessert— I really want to try their milk patty dipped with honey and rosewater dessert! However, both of us were too full to have dessert. So, I shall tell you guys about the dessert on another day!

Before we were given the bill, they gave us hot towels to wipe our hands after eating. A great way to conclude this great meal!

Ultimately we had a great time at Maurya and I would love to go there again for the food. The price is quite reasonable we both left feeling very full!

Try Maurya if you love Indian food, or simply, if you want to try something different!
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