It was me and my boyfriend’s anniversary on September 5th so we decided to go to Burgoo for dinner to have a small celebration :). My boyfriend doesn’t drive to Vancouver often but Burgoo was easy to get to as it was on Main street and not on some sketchy alley. Anyways, they don’t take reservations! When we arrived, we asked for a table of two and they answered, “Okay, you need to wait 30 minutes.” WOW. Are you guys serious, man. 30 minutes, I’ll be dead from starvation as we both didn’t eat anything during the few hours before we left the house. However, the hostess suggested, “If you don’t mind, you can eat at the bar.” And personally, I find eating at the bar better than at the table just because…..it felt like I was sitting closer to my boyfriend. So we did.

Location: 3096 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 873-1441

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5


Burgoo feels very cozy and warm. The interior really reminds me of a rustic pub in the Maritimes. I don’t know why I felt that way. My boyfriend agreed and said it reminded him of a pub in the movie ‘Inglorious Bastards’. The furniture are all wooden and the place is generally pretty dim. The bartender was our server and she was attentive. Yet, I don’t find the service especially good, just normal.

Food: 4/5

We ordered a Brie Fondue for appetizer and it was overpriced in my opinion. It had melted brie (obviously), garlic and white wine, and this was served with toasted bread and pieces of gala apples I believe. The fondue came all bubbly and hot which was very nice. This was super filling of course, and although I enjoyed it, it was not worth the money I paid for. I don’t think I’ll get it again.

For entree, I ordered the sandwich/soup combo. I had the Vegeterranean, which was a Mediterranean veggie sandwich. It had leafy greens coated with balsamic vinegar, hummus, feta cheese, artichokes and grilled vegetables as well. For soup, I just had to order the Sunrise Chicken and Corn soup as I heard it was really good. And wow. It was better than I expected! The soup contained a lot of chunky chicken pieces and corn, with hints of chipotle. When it arrived, the soup looked like art! I totally believe the hype!

My boyfriend also ordered the sandwich/soup combo. He picked the BBQ pulled pork sandwich (which was served with bbq sauce that he thought was ketchup HAHA). For the soup, he picked the seafood potage. I think the soup wasn’t as good as I expected. It just tasted like some sort of watered-down clam chowder. Oh, and it had bacon, but even the bacon couldn’t save the soup. What a shame. However, his BBQ pulled pork sandwich was so good! It had coleslaw in it as well which he noted was a great pairing with the pork. I had a bite and I think the sandwich was really flimsy and soft but the coleslaw adds some texture. Next time, I’ll get the pulled pork.

And…oh my goodness, we were way too full to try their dessert! NOOOOOOO! I felt almost like my world ended because I was looking forward to trying their Chocolate Chili Pot (which I heard was like a chocolate pot de creme almost). And their desserts were cheap! Oh well, next time I’ll get it!

Their bill came in a nice bamboo, dim sum steamer! That was a nice touch.

Overall, I’d give them 4/5. Great, simple food. Their soups are a must try as well! Looking forward to coming back for their dessert!

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One thought on “Burgoo

  1. Great place! I came here with my girlfriend once too. She absolutely loved it, even though I think she wanted a dessert. I’ll take her back here again next time for that!

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